P.E. Teacher Uses Popular Culture to Get Kids Active


Source: YouTube

Its not always easy to engage children in the classroom. In the schools that actually invest in a Physical Education (P.E.), the challenge is to get kids excited about working out. You have to be creative.

Most kids don't wake up every morning excited to run laps and do push ups.

Jared Pascall is a P.E. teacher at Harvest Elementary in Alabama. He took this summer's hit "Watch Me" and created a 3-minute warm up for his class that mixes the whip and the nae nae with jumping jacks, push ups and lunges!

Daily Burn recently posted an article "Watch the Cutest Gym Class Ever do the Whip/NaeNae" about Mr. Pascall and his class. As of this writing, the youtube video of the workout has over 1.3 million views.

It's three minutes of heart-pounding fun. P.E. should always be this awesome. This teacher is incorporating popular culture into the classroom, engaging kids and getting them active.

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