Kids work their brains and bodies in this fun and stimulating card game that combines memory with simple exercises that any kid can do. 




We all want smart, healthy kids. Yet best estimates are that less than half of youth meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ physical activity evidence-based guidelines of at least 60 minutes of vigorous to moderate-intensity physical activity, 7 days a week.


 Photo Credit:  ms.akr

There is an increasing body of research that shows that improving physical activity and fitness may result in better school achievement. More physically active children demonstrate greater attentional resources, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardized academic tests.



To achieve a healthy and educated future generation, teachers, after-school program coordinators and parents have to work together to help all children attain their 60-minute daily minimum in order to improve their children's health, development and academic performance.

Incorporating the SAYAZU game into your home, classroom, summer camp or after school program provides short bouts of developmentally appropriate and fun exercise for children. These exercises build knowledge, motor skills and the self-efficacy that underlies lifelong participation in health-enhancing physical activity.